Property Renovations Insurance

Renovating property is a valuable way of helping to preserve the existing stock of housing – whether it is going to serve as your own home or for letting to tenants.

Statistics suggest that there is no shortage of housing which, given its age, might be suitable for renovation.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), for instance, reports that there are more than four million houses built during Victorian and Edwardian times still in use in the UK. With careful and sensitive restoration, there might continue to perform a valuable role in providing housing for very many years to come.

Of course, even more modern homes may be ripe for renovation, especially when it comes to adding space which is often lacking in newer homes.

Whatever type of property you are looking to renovate, property renovations insurance is typically necessary.

What is property renovations insurance?

What is property renovations insurance?

When property is under renovation, it is exposed to new and different risks compared to when it is in normal use – lived in by an owner occupier or let to tenants.

Property renovations insurance is designed to address those risks and perils, to ensure that not only the existing structure of the property but also the new works in progress remain adequately protected.

It is a specialist, niche form of insurance in which we here at Specialist 4 Property Insurance have particular experience and expertise.

What does it typically cover?

What does it typically cover?

This type of insurance is designed to ensure that the property you own remains fully covered for the duration of the renovation works:

  • it extends protection against loss or damage to the existing building during the course of works which might involve structural alterations – such as the removal of interior walls, loft conversions or the building of extensions;
  • it resolves any confusion that might otherwise arise between property owner and building contractors’ liabilities by providing indemnity against claims from visitors to the site or members of the public who may be injured or have their property damaged;
  • it provides cover for the materials, plant and equipment which the property owner might be using for the renovations; and
  • it extends cover for the property whilst it is empty and unoccupied during the course of the renovation works.

Who is property renovations insurance suitable for?

Who is property renovations insurance suitable for?

Any property owner might decide to renovate the premises:

  • an owner occupier might want to update and improve the property for their own use or to increase its marketability prior to its sale;
  • a landlord might want to increase the appeal of the let accommodation to a different type of tenant or to a wider range of tenants;
  • many local authorities offer grants and loans for the renovation of empty or derelict property – whether for the eventual occupation by the owner and his family or for letting to tenants.

Renovations insurance is designed to ensure continued protection of the premises during the course of such building works. When choosing the cover to suit your particular needs and circumstances, you might want to ensure it has sufficient flexibility for extending its term to account for the inevitable delays and overruns common to many building projects.



Renovating a property offers the twin advantages of helping to preserve and improve the existing housing stock whilst also increasing the value of the owner’s investment in it.

When taking on such a project, it is important to ensure that you remain fully and adequately protected by renovations insurance.


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