Landlord Insurance

Protecting your unoccupied property
If your property is likely to stand unoccupied for more than a specified period of time (typically 30-45 consecutive days) then you’ll need to take out special insurance protection for it and any contents you may have inside. Why? Whether you have an owner-occupier or landlord’s buildings and contents insurance policy,...
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Landlord insurance FAQs
Policies providing landlord insurance cover just may one day help you to avoid a financial disaster. Here you’ll find answers to some of the FAQs on this subject. I’m only letting out part of my house. Why can’t I keep using my existing owner-occupier property insurance? It doesn’t matter whether you’re letting...
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The importance of maintaining your property
Probably one of the most onerous overhead expenses you face as a landlord is the cost of repairs and maintenance to the property. Indeed, the expense may be almost enough to overlook or to put off to a later date any repairs or maintenance which needs to be done...
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